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Juan C. Carrillo: "Water for all ...?" (09/03/2018)

To you, farmers and ranchers, so corroded by the political usury of the unfulfilled promises by the same political parties, to which you continue to reward with your vote elections after elections.

Until the end of last year, the reservoirs had never stored so little water in the last 17 years - a year ago, at the same time the reservoirs were at 48.10% of their capacity and in 2010 they reached 66.56% -, being the third worst year of the last 27 years, after 1994 and 1995. "The situation is complicated because the lack of rain that has been registered, together with the important decrease in reservoirs of water reservoirs, joins the fact that the prediction that the climate models indicate for the next months, until February, are of rains below normal ", explained in the newspaper ABC last November Jorge Olcina, academic responsible for the Laboratory of Climatology of the University of Alicante .

This year of Iberian drought, as Olcina calls it, is very similar to the cycle suffered in 1995, 1983 and 1981, the most important recent dry years that our country has gone through.

So far, qualifies this expert, "we are in the worst drought since 1995, because the years 1981-1983 was more intense.

But if the lack of regular rainfall continues this winter, it will be comparable to that of 1981-1983 ».

Experts agree that we are immersed in a new cycle of drought that is common in the Mediterranean climate.

The last cause is that we are going through a positive cycle of the so-called "North Atlantic oscillation" and in these conditions the Azores anticyclone is reinforced and prevents the normal passage of Atlantic storms, which are those that leave abundant rainfall in Spain.

"We have been doing this since the summer of 2016. These drought sequences usually last 2-3 years normally, so we would be in the middle and we would have a year and a half or two to get out of it", Olcina points out.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the situation of hydrological drought differs greatly between some basins and others, although those that are experiencing greater difficulties are those of Júcar, Segura and Duero - these three have a Royal Decree of drought in force, with extraordinary measures to alleviate the situation-, all of them on alert, as well as the demarcations of the Guadalquivir, the Miño Sil and the Ebro, while those of the Guadiana and the western Cantabrian are in pre-alert.

From the Government they affirmed that the supply of water for supply was guaranteed until the end of last year, and then it would be necessary to see if it were necessary to restrict other uses, since the supply is a priority.

Santiago Martín Barajas, from Ecologists in Action, believes that "without restrictions on irrigation, it will be impossible to guarantee supplies to many populations by 2018."

The Murcian hydrogeologist Luis Francisco Turrión affirms that the basin of Segura "can be self-sufficient" without the transfer of the Tagus, and that this was warned by the professionals from the 70s and 80s of the last century who "were silenced".

Nobody attends from the public administration to the words of this good Lord.

Well yes, for his report "The water plot in the Segura basin ten years later", published by Greenpeace last year and that collects "planning errors" that "make believe" that in the Segura basin there is less water from the existing one, the Ministry of the Environment "gave him a cigar" (disciplinary file) when he was an official of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation following the letter presented by the President of the CHS, Miguel Ángel Ródenas in November 2017, in which concludes that: "the statements contained in this report could denigrate the work carried out by the professionals assigned to the CHS, as well as the decisions adopted, not only by the agency but also by the Ministry to which the official is attached and exposed in the Hydrological Plan of the Segura ".

But curiously, nobody seriously investigates in our region the amount of groundwater that we could have, why?


"The underground waters of the Segura to get out of the crisis".

"The problem is never solved ...", said Turrión in 2005 and so we continue in 2018 while the businesses of certain companies were flourishing or "Florentino" over the years at the cost of pawning all Murcia.

González Pons, now a popular MEP, said in 2008 that "if the PP wins the elections there will be no desalination."

Firm defender of the transfer of the Ebro, ensured that the desalination model is "smoke, salt and death for the posidonia meadow." Bonig, then consellera Infrastructure charged against the socialist government for having spent 494 million euros in total -near 300 in the Torrevieja plant, of which 55 came from European aid- in some plants with which "we do not know what to do". Https:// .html

The Florentino Perez company signed an agreement in 2009 with the executive of then-President Ramón Luis Valcárcel for the construction and management of the plant for 500 million euros.

The agreement was accompanied by an indemnity clause of 559 million euros if the contract was finally terminated.

However, when the regional government failed to make the first payments to the company Hydro Management, the ACS group counterattacked with the request of 600 million euros. "Http:// 07/15 / ACS-demands-600-million-a-Murcia-for-not-being-able-to-exploit-a-desaladora.html

The transfers or interconnections of basins are "impossible" for a simple reason that nobody usually denounce, the unsustainable and unsupportive State of the Autonomous Regions, where politicians look more to take the votes to their respective vassals and play with them causing Cainite confrontations with their territorial neighbors to continue as viceroys of the taifas, that by looking for the general good at the cost of whatever.

Another issue, would be to study technically to what extent the transfers are necessary and even if at the same time we took advantage of the groundwater we have.

It would not have been bad if those hundreds of millions spent in desalination plants had been invested years ago first, in infrastructures to be able to use those subterranean waters for small and medium farmers and ranchers in emergencies like the present one.

Because what is clear is that water, in Spain, and the politicians are still on the moon of Valencia and the order of other interests that do not seem to coincide with those of all Spaniards.

Last Wednesday we marched thousands of Murcia and other regions of Southeast Spain to ask the beloved leader Rajoy water, even in bottles, and incidentally to annoy the locals.

I, it was the first time, others had lost the account of the "manifas" they carry on their backs.

These men and women of the countryside have been spending the last forty years asking every beloved leader on duty to provide them with enough water, and in recent years, however, first and if it is at an affordable price, well, better.

Because the maxim that they are proclaiming is "that the worst water is the one that does not arrive", mixed with saline or whatever.

To this extreme of despair they have been led.

To these men and women of the countryside of those towns that the poet said: "... those towns where still, under the humblest layer, people with a rustic elegance are discovered who do not have an excessive gesture or an idle word, people who they live on a dry land in appearance, with external dryness, but which amazes us with the fertility that breaks out in the triumph of the branches and the wheat.

When we traveled through these lands and saw these people, and we knew them tortured by little caciques, forgotten by all the groups, divided, poisoned by tortuous preaching, we had to think of all that people what they sang of El Cid when they saw him wandering through the fields of Castile, exiled from Burgos God, what a good vassal if you have good sir. "..., and that with your vote to this or that political party every time there are elections you go back to betting on the roulette of politics your business and patrimonial future to the "all or nothing".

I would like to ask you some simple questions as a politician without party discipline.

Why do you keep voting for those who have cheated you so many years at the local, regional and national level? Why do not you give them where it hurts most, which is breaking their ballot papers? Why do not you forget all of them in the same way? that they have forgotten about you?

Total you have nothing to lose, they do, and many thousands and thousands of your votes.

You would already see ... if this was going to move.

The banner attached in this statement, which criticizes the PP, as it could criticize the PSOE because "both mounts Isabel and Fernando mounts", there were people who tried to be at the head of the demonstration.

The response of other protesters was that "I could not go in head something like that" and that they went back.

Being thrown from the head.

The same header that in the national news appeared to comment on this event in TVE less than a minute and of course, without a banner of criticism of the PP that could see all of Spain.

The feminist strike consumed the next day more than ten minutes of the same news.

Everything is a matter of "your" priorities.

Meanwhile, the direct culprits, representing the political parties with national power that have not fulfilled their obligations, to those, we could see them at the head of the demonstration.

Did someone identify any group of abusers, pedophiles, sexists or rapists in demonstrations of the day of the woman the next day ?.

The shamelessness and the falsehood of the Spanish political class has no name, ladies and gentlemen!

The next municipal elections will be held on June 9, 2019. This is so because, although they should be held on May 26, the law obliges them to delay them to coincide with the elections to the European Parliament, which will be held on that date.

On the same day, regional elections will be held in 13 regions of Spain (all except Andalusia, Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia, which are going to ball) and national elections in June 2020.

I advance to all these good people of the field the electoral calendar so that they are making room in their agendas already, and that by God, they will not forget to enjoy all these democratic holidays with their family and friends to reward them with your vote and your confidence, again, to all this band of undocumented frauds for their great work and goals achieved in water matters in all these years !.

Juan C. Carrillo, councilor not attached to the City Council of Totana

Source: Juan C. Carrillo

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